Future Leaders

Empower your child with the latest
21st century skills and knowledge that
prepare them to be future leaders.

Being Happy
and safe

Encourage your child to explore and
learn freely in a modern, interactive
and safe learning environment.

Positive Values

Shape and support your child’s
uniqueness and character development
as they go through life by stages.


Experience a
New Way to Learn

Enrich your child’s learning
experiences at home with QdeesTV.

Open for

Why Choose Us
for Your Child?

Because we are the best in what we do.

With 30+ years of expertise and having won countless
awards, we continue to develop and update our
programmes according to the latest pedagogy to
provide the best preschool education for your child.

How do we help
your child excel
in their learning?

Using our Award Winning
Q-dees Methodology.

The Q-dees Link & Think Methodology creatively
and intuitively breaks down complex concepts,
allowing your child to absorb and experience
learning that is fun and wonderful.

This learning accelerates the pathway to success
for your child to take on the world!

Our Programmes

Toddler (3 years)

The Early Discovery Programme (EDP)
focuses on strengthening fine and gross
motor skills, early Maths and language
abilities, creativity, and other toddler
developmental milestones.

• English Play Imagination
• Memory & Logical Training
• Self-Help Skills and Exercises
• Maths and Science
• Character Building

Preschooler (4 - 6 years)

Q-dees Foundations 1, 2 & 3 emphasise on
preparing children for a smoother transition
to primary school through academic
achievement and social intelligence.

• Mastery of Languages
• Logic & Scientific Discovery
• Creative Development
• Physical, Social & Emotional Development
• Jawi (For Muslim students)

Take A Sneak Peek
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What Parents Say About Us

Parent of Putri Nur Liyana Binti Adam

Although the school environment is
still new for my daughter, she is now
more open and confident to start
conversations and make new friends.
She truly enjoys her time in Q-dees.

Zara Aleexia’s Parents.

Kudos to the teachers! They have
helped our children through the NEW
NORMAL, making it a smooth
transition to virtual schooling.