Duit Raya. Bunga api. Baju Raya baru. Often, it’s children who look forward to Hari Raya Aidilfitri the most. So, no child should miss out on this happy and joyous occasion.

In 2021, Q-dees, together with our children, teachers and parents, raise funds for SUKA Society to give less privileged children in Malaysia the deserving opportunity to enjoy this festive celebration.

Art For Charity

Q-dees inculcates and instils character-building values in young children by involving them in this fundraising campaign.

How? We encourage our children to create and submit their artwork.

For every artwork submission, we will donate RM1 to SUKA Society.

Raising Funds Together

Want to donate, but not part of Q-dees? No problem! Help us raise funds for vulnerable, less privileged children by:

100% of the donation goes directly to SUKA Society


A little kindness goes a long way. And what better way to show this than to take on our 20 Deeds in 20 Days with Q-dees challenge?

During this period, Q-dees children get to apply their character-building values to real life by giving back to the environment, community, loved ones and themselves.

Having Fun Together

Read, write, count and have a lot of fun with Q-dees! Watch our Raya Tetap Raya story and dance to the tune of Tetap Raya Dengan Q-dees!

Q-dees Tetap Raya Story

This is a story about a boy who can’t balik kampung to raya with his atuk and nenek. But with technology, anything is possible, right…?

Q-dees Tetap Raya Song

Jom ikut rentak raya cara Q-dees!

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