Love to Life

At Q-dees, we believe that the power of love is what inspires children to learn. And when children love learning, they will become confident, young individuals who won’t be afraid to explore and discover new horizons.

Q-dees Loves Kids

Our dedicated and loving teachers are trained to best deliver Q-dees programmes.

Q-dees Kids Learn to Love

Through our exclusive programmes, your child would learn many Q-dees Love to Life values - such as caring, sharing, kindness and respect.

Q-dees Kids Love to Learn

We believe in the importance of a creative, fun and interactive learning environment.

Q-dees Kids Love the Community

We equip your child with moral values, skills and guidance to bring positive impact to the community.

Our Achievements
Best Education Programme Brand
The Best Preschool Brand
Best Global Franchise Business Model
Award Winning Q-dees Link & Think Methodology