Q-dees IQ Math programme

What is Q-dees Scholars IQ Math?

What if you can help your child overcome their fear of Math and turn it into a joy of learning?

Q-dees IQ Math programme is specially designed to do just that through a series of math enrichment classes for children. We make seemingly complex concepts simple to understand and applicable in our daily lives.

5 Pillars of IQ Math

5 Pillars
The cornerstone of our IQ Math programme is The 5 Pillars of IQ Math. These 5 Pillars serve as the foundation in Mathematics, supporting your child's learning and mastery of higher order Mathematical concepts as they advance through the programme.

The lessons help children remove their fear of Math and ensure there are no Mathematical concepts too difficult to understand.

We instill a love of mathematics in every child that joins our math classes by making learning Mathematics fun, easy to understand and relatable regardless of the level of mastery at the time of enrolment.

Here's how Q-dees IQ Math programme helps you achieve that:
We Add Confidence (+)

Take Away Fear (-)

Multiply Intelligence (x)

and Share the Joy

of Math (%)!

Math programme for children
Plus, there is something for everyone! Our programme covers and strengthens the foundation for our Global Level 1 Scholars, and challenges the minds of our advanced learners in our higher levels all the way to Global Level 5. Now, who says Math is too difficult and boring?

Our Programme:

The 10 Math Global Learning Components
Each global level is benchmarked against international standards to ensure that your child adapts to current world demands. Our levels allow your child to learn developmentally at their own pace!





How do we do it?

Our proprietary Link and Think Methodology, in line with the 21st Century Learners Framework; helps your child to LINK & THINK by MAKING CONNECTIONS between their logical and creative mind to develop well-rounded understanding and mastery across all essential mathematical concepts.

If your child finds it challenging to:

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Solve math problems once the structure of the question changes
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Solve math puzzles
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Understand basic mathematical concepts
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Solve 'tricky' questions
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Solve beyond basic algorithms of math
With Q-dees Scholars' IQ Math programme, it's possible.

The CORE skill developed from our programme
is the ability to problem-solve by:

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Thinking Critically
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Thinking Creatively
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Thinking Outside the Box

In other words, master HIGHER ORDER THINKING SKILLS (HOTS) with our IQ Math programme!

Higher Order Thinking

Soon, math puzzles like this will literally be child's play!

Higher Order Thinking

And how about your child learning to solve problems like this using the Singapore Bar Modelling* Method? Try solving this problem traditionally using algebra vs the Bar Modelling method. You'll be surprised at how much easier it is to use the latter!

*The Singapore Bar Modelling method is an essential strategy to Math mastery. It allows students to visualize Mathematical concepts and helps them in deciding which operations to use in problem solving.

4Cs of 21st Century Learning in Math

And that's not all! The Q-dees Link & Think Methodology helps our students develop the 4Cs of a 21st Century Learner by improving their skills in:
Critical Thinking

Who is IQ Math for?

Our Math programme is designed for students who:
  • Are children between 4– 12 years old.
  • Want to master Math in a non-traditional way
  • Want to be confident users of Math in daily life
  • Are at any proficiency level - ranging from beginning to independent
  • Want to learn and use Math beyond the classroom walls
  • Want to excel as independent learners from a young age
  • Have difficulty in Math but want to improve with actual results
  • Want to learn how to think constructively, critically and creatively
  • Want to be comfortable working collaboratively in a group
The Q-dees International IQ Math programme consists of 5 Global Levels with 10 modules each.

What makes Q-dees math enrichment programme different?

We set ourselves apart from other math enrichment programmes by:

  • Designing our mathematics programme around the Singaporean Benchmark to ensure quality education at international standards.
  • Using proprietary materials and technology-incorporated programme (Link & Think Hub) to facilitate and accelerate learning.
  • Structuring our programme based on comprehensive and intensive Research and Development (R&D) initiatives and efforts
  • Building the 4 essential skills of a 21st Century Learner through our Link & Think Methodology.
  • Covering extensive Math topics through our Global Levels and topics
  • Delivering consistent, quality lessons and achieve real results!

With our Q-dees IQ Math programme in Malaysia, your child can:

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Overcome the fear of numbers, and finds joy in learning math

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Excel at Math at global standards

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Fast track his or her learning as compared to peers of the same age

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Train his or her mind in Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) to be creative, critical thinkers!

Mathematics children enrichment classes

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