Scholars FAQ Page

1. What is the difference between enrichment and tuition centre?

First and foremost, enrichment centres and tuition centres are different.

To put it simply, enrichment centres train students to think critically and creatively with the aim of deepening their learning in academic and non-academic areas. They do not only learn to ace the subjects in school; they learn skills that can be utilised for life in the classroom and beyond.

On the other hand, tuition centres focus on just academic learning with the aim of getting through the exams. They tend to do more drill-and-practise activities to consolidate learning, rather than equipping students with skills that may be useful outside of the academic context.

2. Which accreditations does the school maintain?

We are governed by the Ministry of Education (MOE).

3. What is the educational methodology for Q-dees?

Our proprietary Link and Think Methodology, in line with the 21st Century Learnings Framework; helps your child to Link & Think by making connections between their logical and creative mind to develop well-rounded understanding and mastery across all learning areas.

4. How can I find out how my child is doing?

Every once or twice a year, in conjunction with our Q-dees Love to Life Celebration, parents will be invited to visit our centres. This is a form of open invitation on our part to welcome parents to watch their child perform and showcase what they have learned. Our termly Parent-Teacher/Q-Coach Day is also another platform for parents and teachers to meet and discuss your child’s progress.

5. What is your policy for sick children attending Q-dees?

Policies will be explained during Parent Orientation Day or you may also refer to respective centres any time.

6. Can we visit the centre?

Yes, our doors are always open. Just click on ‘Find a Centre’ on our web page and find your nearest centre to make an appointment. Alternatively, you can also contact us on our Facebook page: Q-dees Worldwide Edusystems or call us at 1700-81-5077 to arrange an appointment at a centre near you.

7. What is the youngest age a child can enrol in Q-dees Scholars?

You may start enrolling your child at 4 years old.

8. Can I enrol my child at Q-dees Scholars without first entering Starters?

Yes, it is possible. There will be a placement test at the beginning of enrolment to determine your child's proficiency level. Depending on the test result, your child will be placed in modules/levels that suit their needs and abilities.

9. How many days a week are the classes conducted?

Classes are conducted 2 hours a week for each subject.

10. Is English and Math important?

Yes, English is one of the most commonly spoken languages worldwide. It is the official language of 53 countries and is spoken by around 400 million people across the world. It is also the dominant business lingua franca globally, making it an essential language to learn in the 21st Century.

Math helps you in telling the time, manages your finance (or pocket money for your child), trains your problem solving skills, and most importantly – it is absolutely essential in every career path your child may take in the future.

11. How is the learning process in Scholars?

Our classes focus on student-based learning with teachers (Q-Coach) as the facilitator. The role of the Q-Coach is to guide, support and provide instructional scaffolding when the need arise. Our students are given the opportunity to take ownership of their learning during group participation as they embark on group projects through brainstorming and communicating their ideas – resulting in active learning in the classroom. Our classes also use digital teaching aids under the supervision of Q-Coach to facilitate learning process.

12. What makes Q-dees Scholars such an effective complement to my child's schooling?

Tying this back to what we offer as an enrichment centre, we teach our students ‘how’ to learn, instead of just ‘what’ to learn. Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. We all want our children to be flexible and adaptable when they face challenges in their studies. Here in Q-dees, our Link & Think Methodology provides your child with the tools to succeed in school regardless of subject difficulty.

13. What are the main things I should do to make Q-dees Scholars work for my child?

Be committed, be involved and be engaged with your child's learning even after class. Do provide your child with plenty of motivational support to maximise their learning potential.

14. How much is the fee?

Please contact your nearest Q-dees Scholars centre to arrange an appointmnet for more information regarding Scholars' fees.

15. What makes up a typical day for children at Q-dees?

A typical day at Q-dees included fun learning with stories, songs and activities that are sure to engage and stimulate your child! We craft our daily activities according to the requirements set by the Ministry of Education.

16. Does learning happen outside the classrooms?

Yes! Our centres organize fun and exciting school excursions and field trips to places such as the aquarium, zoos, bird parks, play-grounds etc. In addition, Q-dees organizes events outside the classroom such as our annual concert and Sports Day across all centres.

17. What skills will my child acquire after completing Starters?

We equip our children with skills for a lifetime! We don’t just teach them essential literacy, numeracy, scientific, musical, artistic, and gross and fine motor skills – we cultivate a love for learning in each and every child that joins our Q-dees family. Here, we build 21st Century Learning skills as well as Higher Order Thinking Skills (H.O.T.S) which are essential for children to succeed globally.

18. What kind of supplies are parents expected to prepare?

The requirement for items such as packed meals, change of wear, swimming attire etc. varies form centre to centre. Please contact your nearest centre for more information.

19. How much is the fee for a child? Are there any other expenses during the year besides tuition?

Please contact your nearest Q-dees Starters centre to arrange an appointment to find out more about the services, fees and expenses.

20. Can we visit the centre?

Yes, our doors are always open. Just click on ‘Find a Centre’ on our web page and find your nearest centre to make an appointment. Alternatively, you can also contact us on our Facebook page: Q-dees Worldwide Edusystems or call us at 1700-81-5077 to arrange an appointment at a centre near you.

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