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About Q-dees Scholars

Q-dees Scholars offers enrichment classes and programmes (International English and IQ Math) for children aged 4-12 years old, helping them build their English and Mathematics skills.

Integrating fun with 21st Century Learning, we equip students with Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) to ensure that they are well prepared in adapting to global demands in the future.

Our award-winning Link & Think teaching methodology helps your child to grow at their own pace while optimizing their progress with an all-rounded development. The goal is to empower students with endless opportunities for their future.
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Link and Think Methodology

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21st Century Learning

In this globalised era, education is moving fast with the times and we know the importance of keeping up with the latest trends and requirements in the ever-changing education scene. Integrating traditional methods with the latest 21st Century teaching approach, we offer an all-encompassing programme where the former meets the new - bridging longstanding teaching and learning methods with globalization of education in the 21st Century.
Q-dees the 4c's of learning

At Q-dees Scholars, we:

Make English and Math learning fun
Make English and Math learning fun, easily digestible and relevant
Challenge traditional rote learning methods
Challenge traditional rote learning methods
Prepare our students
Prepare our students to be confident leaders of tomorrow
Employ student-centric learning approach
Employ student-centric learning approach
Use multimedia programmes that are research-backed
Use multimedia programmes that are research-backed, up-to-date and in line with the latest requirements in education
Nuture and empower our students
Nurture and empower our students by fostering 4 essential skills (4Cs: critical thinking,creativity,collaboration and communication) of a 21st Century Learner
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Best Education Programme Brand
The Best Preschool Brand
Best Global Franchise Business Model
Award Winning Q-dees Link & Think Methodology