Frequently asked questions Q-dees Starters

1. What services does Q-dees Starters provide?

Q-dees Starters is a preschool/kindergarten/creche. Most of our centres have classes in the morning session and full day programmes are available are subjected to availability and it varies from centre to centre. Please contact your nearest Q-dees Starters centre to find out more about the additional services they offer.

2. Do you offer playschool, nursery, full day preschool programmes or childcare transit?

Services are subjected to availability and it varies from centre to centre. Please contact your nearest Q-dees Starters centre to find out more about the services they offer.

3. Does Q-dees Starters offer enrichment programmes?

Yes, Q-dees offers additional enrichment programmes – better known as the Enhanced Foundation programme. We currently offer International English, IQ Math, Mandarin & International Art in our Q-dees Starters centres. Please contact your nearest centre to find out more on the availability.

4. What is the educational methodology for Q-dees?

Our proprietary Link and Think Methodology, in line with the 21st Century Learners Framework – helps your child to Link & Think by making connections between their logical and creative mind to develop well-rounded understanding and mastery across all learning areas.

5. What books or materials does Q-dees Starters centres use?

At Q-dees, we use proprietary books, activity sheets and readers that are specially designed by our dedicated and ongoing Research and Development team with the award-winning Link & Think Methodology.

Q-dees does not use photocopied books or materials. If your child is using such books at any Q-dees Starters centres, you may let us know and report to us at +6017-6202133 as we want to ensure our child’s authentic experience at our centres.

6. How many subjects are offered? Are all subjects offered as your curriculum or some as electives?

Our integrated programme comprises of:

  • Thematic English
  • Mathematics
  • Bahasa Malaysia
  • Science
  • Art and Craft
  • Gymflex
  • Music
  • Character Building – an integrated component in each subject to install and build positive values in your child
  • Mandarin (an elective that is compulsory for all QF1 students, optional for QF2 & QF3)
  • Pendidikan Islam (available for our Muslim students only)

7. Which accreditations does the school maintain?

Our iQ Lit English programme is CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference) aligned and externally endorsed by MELTA (Malaysia English Language Teaching Association). We are also governed by the Ministry of Education (MOE).

8. How do you monitor learning and student growth?

Q-dees’ unique Individual Child Monitoring System (ICMS) enables teachers to track every child’s progress and development. It is a built-in system to monitor your child’s progress across different subjects.

9. How can I find out how my child is doing?

Every once or twice a year, in conjunction with our Q-dees Love to Life Celebration, parents will be invited to visit our centres. This is a form of open invitation on our part to welcome parents to watch their child perform and showcase what they have learned. Our termly Parent-Teacher Day is also another platform for parents and teachers to meet and discuss your child’s progress.

10. How can I be involved in my child's school experience?

In addition to our Q-dees Love to Life Celebration, you can also share and be involved in your child’s learning experience through our Link & Think Reading series and other take-home activities. Our thematic modules promote parents’ involvement through proposed parent-child interaction play.

11. My child does not speak English (or Mandarin), how do you work with children who have not yet learned to communicate in English?

We teach students from zero-based background using proprietary materials and teaching aids to ensure consistency in delivering native-like pronunciation to train their speaking and listening skills.

12. What is your policy for sick children attending Q-dees?

Policies will be explained during Parent Orientation Day or you may also refer to respective centres at any time.

13. Are children required to be vaccinated?

We follow the standards and guidelines set by the local health and education authorities

14. Will my child be prepared for primary school after attending Q-dees?

Yes our programme builds fundamental academic and social developmental skills to prepare your child for the rigours of primary school and beyond. Whether it’s private or public, Mandarin-medium or international schools, we’ve got your child covered!

15. What makes up a typical day for children at Q-dees?

A typical day at Q-dees included fun learning with stories, songs and activities that are sure to engage and stimulate your child! We craft our daily activities according to the requirements set by the Ministry of Education.

16. Does learning happen outside the classrooms?

Yes! Our centres organize fun and exciting school excursions and field trips to places such as the aquarium, zoos, bird parks, play-grounds etc. In addition, Q-dees organizes events outside the classroom such as our annual concert and Sports Day across all centres.

17. What skills will my child acquire after completing Starters?

We equip our children with skills for a lifetime! We don’t just teach them essential literacy, numeracy, scientific, musical, artistic, and gross and fine motor skills – we cultivate a love for learning in each and every child that joins our Q-dees family. Here, we build 21st Century Learning skills as well as Higher Order Thinking Skills (H.O.T.S) which are essential for children to succeed globally.

18. What kind of supplies are parents expected to prepare?

The requirement for items such as packed meals, change of wear, swimming attire etc. varies form centre to centre. Please contact your nearest centre for more information.

19. How much is the fee for a child? Are there any other expenses during the year besides tuition?

Please contact your nearest Q-dees Starters centre to arrange an appointment to find out more about the services, fees and expenses.

20. Can we visit the centre?

Yes, our doors are always open. Just click on ‘Find a Centre’ on our web page and find your nearest centre to make an appointment. Alternatively, you can also contact us on our Facebook page: Q-dees Worldwide Edusystems or call us at 1700-81-5077 to arrange an appointment at a centre near you.

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