Preschool creative development

There’s no better way to celebrate our children’s love for colours and music than allowing them to paint, sing, and dance their way through preschool, promoting creative development in early childhood.

Inspiring Creativity & Artistic Expression

Art is self-expression; art is joy; and art is definitely a whole lot of fun at Q-dees! It’s simply amazing to see how creative and crafty our kids can get in their art, creative learning and development lessons (with the guidance of our loving teachers, of course!)

Having fun is just the beginning!

Our Music programme ignites our children’s love for sound and melody! Not only do they get to make and play simple percussion instruments, they get to learn about musical terms by dancing and moving to the rhythm of presto, lento, accelerando, ritardando and more!

Music appreciation

Q-dees Kids become little maestros by learning about music from famous classical composers such as Beethoven and Mozart! Allowing them to understand these musical roots will deepen their appreciation for music.

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