Early Discovery Programme

Equip your child with life skills and values that will help them grow into confident independent individuals through Q-dees classes for toddlers in Malaysia. Go on an adventure to discover the world through fun activities and stories filled with moral values!

English Play Imagination

Imagination builds a variety of skills, including problem solving, language, social and communicative skills. At Q-dees Starters, children get to have fun while learning the language through dance, songs and actions that exemplify the meaning of a word or concept. Through our exclusive multimedia and thematic syllabus, our children are transported to a whole new world beyond their classroom!

Memory and logical training childhood education
Memory & Logical Training

Recognising this as a crucial period, we have created specific subjects for our Early Discovery Programme (EDP) to train our children to focus their attention and memory recall. The syllabus helps to strengthen their photographic memory and develop logical and reasoning skills, while ensuring that they never miss a moment of fun and laughter.

Q-dees Pre-GymFlex preschool Programme
Self-help Skills and Fun Exercises

Q-dees’ Pre-GymFlex Programme, through its fun exercises, develops and refines children’s fine and gross motor skills. Guided with patience and conducted within a safe and stress-free environment, our children learn to fold clothes and towels, button up shirts and pour a cup of water all by themselves.

Math and science preschool
Math and Science

Over at Q-dees, we bring the joy of learning math and science through our teaching methodology that involves learning through exploration and experimentation. Scientific and pre-number concepts are cleverly introduced through experiments and simple demonstrations that make seemingly complex concepts easy to understand.

Character Building

There is no better way to teach good character than to model it. This is exemplified in all our dedicated teachers, and in-built in every one of our books and songs. From good manners to polite speech, moral virtues are intentionally taught in the Early Discovery Programme (EDP).

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