Logic & scientific discovery preschool programme

Get acquainted with numbers and be fascinated by science. By adopting a hands-on approach in logic and reasoning activities, our children’s natural curiosity of the logical and scientific world will be nurtured.

Inspiring a love for math

At Q-dees, our children get to see math in action through our very own Hands-on Minds-on MathsboardTM! There’s no fear of numbers over here, because from counting and number operations to fractions and decimals, learning math is truly a breeze at Q-dees!

Sparking curiosity one experiment at a time

We believe that our kids should start learning about the world around them from the get-go!

We teach our children science topics ranging from convection, dissolution, photosynthesis and biometrics through bite-sized information and fascinating science experiments!

Our Achievements
Best Education Programme Brand
The Best Preschool Brand
Best Global Franchise Business Model
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