Language classes for toddlers

Q-dees’ catchy songs, fun rhymes, immersive books and engaging animation will kick-start your child’s journey into the wonderful world of languages!
Every Q-dees preschool in Malaysia teaches children the mastery of three languages – English, Bahasa Malaysia, and Mandarin.

Fun & Exciting Stories!

Themes such as acceptance, forgiveness and adventure are woven into these action-packed stories and heart-warming tales. Alongside these stories are fun rhymes and catchy songs that expose our children to rich language expressions, grammar rules and extensive vocabulary.

Confidently Express Yourself!

By learning to apply the correct contextual usage of idioms, children are given the opportunity to express themselves as English speakers do!

Learning To Read And Write Begins Here

Sounding out individual letter sounds? Check. Understanding spelling rules? Check. Being able to read short stories? Check! Learning to read and write will become interesting and fun for your child as we make use of our interactive multimedia to teach phonics!

Act It Out To Learn It Better!

Feel the excitement in the classroom as our children learn about letter sounds they have never heard before... by acting them out! Through this dramatisation, our kids’ understanding of different letter sounds is reinforced.

Joyfully Mastering A New Language

Delightful stories and catchy songs captivate our kids as they learn to master everything from suku-kata (syllables) to pantun (poems) and even simpulan Bahasa (idioms). They’ll be able to read fluently in the Malay language, and with such enjoyable lessons, this programme is bound to instil within our children a pride for the language.

Mandarin Made Easy

You don’t have to worry if Mandarin is a completely new language to your child.

Q-dees Mandarin programme is filled with engaging stories, beautiful proverbs (成语), rich language expressions, and even a word marathon (马拉松). Our kids will have the time of their lives learning to read and write Mandarin easily, whilst being equipped for Mandarin-medium schools.

Q-dees kindergarten readers
A Love For Reading To Last A Lifetime

Developing a good reading habit is so important, and this is why at Q-dees, we start them young.

Offered exclusively to Q-dees students, the e-Reader™ boasts of carefully graded readers with controlled vocabulary that enable our children to read fluently and enthusiastically.

More than just building a generation of avid readers, this programme also provides an avenue for parents to spend good quality time with their children, by reading and sharing stories together!

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