Physical social development Q-dees

Our children’s physical and social-emotional development is just as important as their academic excellence. At every Q-dees preschool in Malaysia, we encourage our kids to get active and we foster positive traits in them too!

A healthy body is a healthy mind!

Teamwork, fun and going all-out, that’s what Gymflex is all about! Aside from developing their fine and gross motor skills, our kids always look forward to their Gymflex classes for two reasons: firstly, they get to use fun equipment such as balancing beams and hula hoops, and secondly, they get to stay active and have fun with their friends!

Confident, compassionate and caring kids

From manners and gratefulness to motivation and even recycling, our children learn about good values from a very young age so that they may grow into young individuals with excellent character traits. They even learn that it’s important to put our phones aside while having meals!

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