About Us

At Q-dees, we nurture children to be

The Best That They Can Be

Q-dees is an award-winning preschool and kindergarten with uniqueness in its ”Link & Think Methodology” where a child’s learning process is enhanced and accelerated. Today, on top of being a top kindergarten brand in Malaysia, Q-dees has opened its doors in Indonesia, Bangladesh, the Philippines and Myanmar

Q-dees Worldwide Edusystem


To provide world-class quality educational programmes for the development and realisation of the global knowledge economy in order to empower young minds globally to be the best that they can be.

Q-dees Link & Think Methodology


We are constantly striving to make learning intelligent, inspiring, fun and creative for children. Our Research & Development division is the leader of product innovation and service excellence in collaboration with our global network of dedicated partners in education.

Q-dees Love to Life


Q-dees Love to Life values are guiding principles we believe in, stand for, and live out, to inspire our children to:

Learn to Love
Love to Learn
Love the Community

We strive to instil the value of love in our children because we believe that the power of love is most effective in motivating children to learn. When children love learning, they will become confident, young individuals who won’t be afraid to explore and discover new horizons.


Be The Best That You Can Be

Stands for:

Q-dees stands for Quality, Development, Education Excellence, Environment and Service

What Our Logo Represents

Tree. Strong Foundation.

Freedom to Grow

The tree represents the foundation for every child to grow into someone exceptional and outstanding. At Q-dees, our children are given the right learning experiences and environment, which will motivate them to be life-long learners.

Birds. Soar to greater heights.

Knowledge to Fly

The bird represents the knowlegde and understanding gained through our fun-filled teaching and learning methodologies, which will enable our children to soar higher and further as they undertake future challenges in life.

Star. Excellence.

Brilliance to Excel

The star represents all-rounded growth where our children will shine with joy and confidence.

World. Global Experience.

Universal in Application

The world represents global experiences for our children as the Q-dees programmes are universal in application to their needs.

Why is Q-dees deemed the best kindergarten in Malaysia & Asia amongst parents & franchisees?


Leader in Children’s Education

Preschool to School Enrichment

Q-dees represents the forefront of innovative education. Our programmes are carefully integrated and modulated to create a step-by-step continuous learning pathway from preschool to school enrichment. This learning journey provides ample opportunities for children to confidently master the subject matter taught.


Innovative Programmes Through Intensive R&D

Continuous innovation keeps our teachers updated with the latest pedagogy that is relevant in the ever-changing educational landscape. Our dedicated Research and Development team, comprising 40% of our workforce, constantly produces the most innovative and effective programmes, making complex learning simple and fun for children.

Our fun-filled interactive software provides a powerful learning opportunity which cannot be achieved by just books, pencils or whiteboard.


Trusted Brand for over 25 Years

As a household name synonymous with quality education, Q-dees has been able to build a loyal customer base over the years. Established with over 200 centres regionally, Q-dees has grown to become one of the most recognised and trusted names in the education industry.

Our Achievements
Best Education Programme Brand
The Best Preschool Brand
Best Global Franchise Business Model
Q-dees link and think methodology