What makes
your child shine?

Our Award Winning Q-dees Methodology

The Q-dees Link & Think Methodology has
won many awards throughout its years of
service in the education market.

The success of our Link & Think Methodology
that helps children accelerate their learning is
prominent and proven with track records.

We have impacted over 200,000 students
through our network of 200+ preschools
in South East Asia.

How does your child learn?

We provide the best platform for your child so that they can learn effectively.

We strive to provide the best knowledge for your child. Therefore, every programme we offer has
been intensively researched and refined to bring out the best potential in your child.

Art & Craft

What better ways to foster creativity
and motor skills than art & crafts
that challenge your child to express
themselves artistically and beautifully.

Interactive Hub

With songs and animation videos, we
bring life to teaching and teaching to life.
Your child can learn while having fun.


Why go soft when you can go hard? Your
child gets to bring knowledge home to
share with you so that the whole family
can learn together while having fun.

Activity-based Learning

Learning does not end in the class.
Your child will experience real life
learning through indoor and outdoor
activities that require collaboration
and communication.

Want to learn more?

Learning Beyond Classrooms

Learning is not limited to just classroom. Extend you child’s learning through
Q-dees outdoor activities, our qdeestv YouTube channel, and the Q-dees Mobile App!

Field Trip


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